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There are many photo editing services available in the market, but shadow creation is one of the most important. This is because it can improve the quality of a product’s photograph and create effects that cannot be achieved with other editing features. For example, reflection shadow, natural shadow, drop shadow, or original shadow can all be used to enhance the look of clothing items, product items, or model photography.

Besides enhancing product photos, shadows can also be applied to interior and exterior photos. It is important to understand their tone and purpose to create the best results when applying shadows to any type of photo. For clothing items and product photos, reflection shadow should generally be used as it gives a more realistic look. At the same time, natural shadows are good for adding depth and realism to an image. Drop shadows can add drama and emphasize certain areas of an image, while original shadows are ideal for creating 3D effects.

While all these effects are possible with Photoshop, some things need to be considered when applying them. For instance, it is important to ensure that the edited images are properly arranged before starting work on them so that shadows fall where they should and do not clash with other elements in the photo. Additionally, using too much darkness or light in an image may result in undesirable outcomes. When it comes to group photos or images containing people, it is important to consider how each person will be affected by the shadow.

If you don’t have the expertise or time to take the hassle, Clipping Path Expert India can help you. Our team has 10 + years of experience in shadow creation services. You can request a free trial anytime to check the quality of your work.

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Why use shadow creation service?

Shadow creation service is the most demandable task in the photo editing industry. It gives the product photos to be a realistic look. It shows the product image as more beautiful than the ordinary one. E-commerce or online shop owners get more benefits by using shadow creation service for their photos. When they upload shadow-created photos, it looks appealing. Thus it increases online sales.

There are four kinds of Shadow creation services:

Natural Shadow Creation Service

Natural shadow Creation service is a photoshop process. In the natural shadow creation service, you must remove the background and allow a white background. Then you can apply shadow. It increases the beauty of product photos, which is why e-commerce shop owners and professional photographers use this service.

Natural shadow creation service is a challenging task. Most graphic designers do not know how to do it properly. But we are experts in this type of photo editing service. Clipping Path Expert India is skilled at natural shadow creation. Enjoy our shadow creation service from us with unlimited revisions. Request a free trial now.

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Drop Shadow Creation Service

Photoshop drop shadow service is also very useful in the photo editing industry. A drop shadow is a shadow effect that is created slightly under the main object to make it raise. However, it hovers over the background, and sometimes it comes with a faint or soft glow. This process makes the product photo a 2D & 3D viewing experience.

It’s a tough task in photo editing service. Only photoshop experts know the advanced techniques of shadow creation Service. We know how to soften, create shadow length, put hardness, and how to use balanced opacity for shadow creation. Our experts are highly experienced in drop shadow creation. So, request your free trial now.

Reflection or Mirror Effect Creation Service

Reflection shadow is a process of making a reflection of a product from different angles. It makes the image much more natural. E-commerce and online business owners need reflection shadow creation services. It is created on the background and flipped around with some reflection on the object.

It is a challenging process. Only a professional photo editor can do this accurately. But if you do not have expertize in shadow creation, you better leave that to a professional like Clipping Path Expert India. It will make your photos more and more professional. Reflection shadow makes the photo natural and attractive, which works for generate huge customers. Get all your shadow creation services from us. Please send us a quote request for your shadow creation needs.

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Retain Original shadow

Retain original shadow is an important segment in digital image post-processing. Poor lighting, bad quality backdrop, and irregular photography create a low-quality image. It does not show the object impressively. In this type of image, it is tough to get the real shadow.

Retain original shadow creation service allows you to bring the original shadow in your raw photo with a clean white background. This makes the photos more eye-catching and natural. We have 10+ years of experience in it. So you can judge our quality of work by sending us a free trial.

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